Special Event - TIWI Book Launch

14 December 2012

'TIWI: ART / HISTORY / CULTURE' - Book launch on Friday 14th December 6-8pm

Please join author Jennifer Isaacs along with Tiwi Elders Brian Farmer Illortamini, Cyril James Kerinauia, and Edward Yunupingu at the launch of this important book. 

'Tiwi' is the remarkable story of the development of artistic expression on the Tiwi Islands and of the history and culture of the Tiwi people. Courageous and determined, for centuries the Tiwi held off intruders. The British briefly established a trading fort in the 1820s, but could not survive the isolated location and the intransigence of the Tiwi, and so departed. Then in 1911 a lone priest came ashore and, with a mission established and English education beginning, the Tiwi world began to change. The art forms were so astounding that ethnographers followed immediately and were succeeded by curators and collectors in the mid twentieth century, providing some of the spectacular, idiosyncratic carvings and bark paintings published here from Australian museum collections.

This is the first complete volume to bring together the strands of Tiwi history and cultural expression and provide the context for contemporary Tiwi art. It is a major contribution to understanding the Tiwi as a unique regional Australian cultural group, the Indigenous nation of the Tiwi Islands.

About the Author:

Jennifer Isaacs is a prominent Australian writer, art consultant and independent curator. A pioneer in championing respect for Aboriginal culture, she is the author of seminal books on Aboriginal art, religion, plant use, food, medicine and oral history. In 2003 she was made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her work promoting Aboriginal culture and assisting Aboriginal artists. She has maintained a close association with Tiwi families and elders for more than forty years.

2012 Tiwi art and sculpture

Tiwi Islands
11 - 21 December 2012

To accompany the launch of the book by Jennifer Isaacs, 'Tiwi: Art, History, Culture,' Aboriginal & Pacific Art will be holding an exhibition of Tiwi paintings, sculptures and works on paper, as our final show of the year. Featuring artists from the Tiwi Islands - Munupi Arts (Melville Island), Jilamara Arts and Crafts (Melville Island), Tiwi Design (Bathurst Island) and Njaruwanajirri Inc. (Bathurst Island), NT

2012 Warakurna and Wanarn Group Show

Warakurna Artists
20 November - 8 December 2012

New paintings in association with Warakurna Artists, WA

2012 Kapi Ukalinganyi - water running down

Ernabella Arts
25 October - 17 November 2012

in association with Ernabella Arts, SA

2012 With our hands we tell our stories our way

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists
29 September - 20 October 2012

Aboriginal & Pacific Art is pleased to present a group exhibition of new etchings and soft sculptures from Yarrenyty Arltere Artists, Larapinta Valley Town Camp, NT

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists is a small dynamic art enterprise that sits in the Larapinta Valley Town Camp in Alice Springs. The artists there have developed a distinctive art practice through print making and soft sculpture that celebrates the rich life and culture of some of the most disadvantaged people in Alice Springs.

The work on show at this exhibition is beautiful, whimsical and contemporary, while remaining strongly linked at all times to country, place and people.


2012 Painting the Land: new works by senior Ninuku artists

Ninuku Arts
25 August - 15 September 2012

Aboriginal & Pacific Art, in conjunction with Ninuku Arts, SA, is pleased to present Painting the Land: new works by senior Ninuku artists.

Ninuku Arts is a wholly-Indigenous owned and governed Art Centre which supports artists from two communities - Pipalyatjara and Kalka. Both communities are peaceful places, located in the far north-western corner of South Australia, near the tri-state border of South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory. The two communities, fourteen kilometres apart, are surrounded by the rolling, rocky hills of the Tomkinson Ranges and are part of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY).

The community is encouraged by strong governance, cultural engagement and pride among local Anangu people. The art centre prides itself on its inclusivity (providing opportunities for all generations) and embracing individuality in artists.

- Claire Eltringham, Ninuku Arts

2012 From Gangan to Garraparra - from the spring to the horizon

28 July - 18 August 2012

Aboriginal & Pacific Art is pleased to present an exhibition of new bark paintings from the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre in Yirrkala, NT

Featuring artists Gawirrin Gumana, Yinimila Gumana and Buwatpuy Gumana


2012 Tjungu Kutju-tu - Together as One TJUNGU PALYA & TJALA ARTS

Tjungu Palya, Tjala Arts
3 - 21 July 2012

In association with Tjungu Palya Artists and Tjala Arts, Aboriginal & Pacific Art presents a group exhibition of new works by artists from the APY Lands.


2012 Timothy Cook - new works

Timothy Cook
2 - 27 June 2012

Aboriginal & Pacific Art, in association with Jilamara Arts & Crafts, Melville Island, NT, presents a solo exhibition of new works by Tiwi artist Timothy Cook

2012 Kapi Warku (A hollow in a rock where the water collects)

Mimili Maku
1 - 26 May 2012

The community of Mimili is located within the red granite boulders of the Everard Ranges nearly 500 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. The community is surrounded by many songlines; invisible ancient tracks that connect communities, following age old boundaries. The art centre takes its name from the maku (witchetty grub) found in the roots of the witchetty bush (Acacia Kempeana) - a significant songline for this area. Mimili Maku Art centre, established in 2004 and incorporated in 2010, supports many artists living traditionally on surrounding homelands, Sandy Bore, Perentie Bore and Blue Hills. Bush trips to country and important sites keep the Tjukurpa alive and pulsating across the canvas. The artists know how important these stories are and bear this responsibility with pride. The artists marks are collectively wild, brave and confident. Artists featured in the exhibition are Milatjari Pumani, Ngupulya Pumani, Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani, Willy Muntjanti Martin and Robert Fielding. - Hannah Grace, Mimil Maku Arts & Crafts

2012 Watch Me and Learn

Tjarlirli Art
10 - 28 April 2012

Tjarlirli Art is based in Tjukurla, a small community in the Ngaayatjarra Lands, north of Kaltukatjara (Docker River), WA. The art centre was established in 2006 as a formal Aboriginal corporation to represent artists in the area, based on a longer history of creative arts and crafts in the community, focused around the women’s centre.

Featuring artists Nyarapayi Giles, Esther Giles, Tjawina Porter

2012 Wati Mankurpa - Three Men

10 - 31 March 2012

Iwantja Arts and Crafts is located in the Indulkana community, on the eastern side of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands (APY), SA. It is an Aboriginal owned, community-based art centre, established in the form of an arts association in the 1970s. Artists work in a variety of mediums, and are most known for their paintings in acrylic.

2012 Traditional Artifacts from the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands
11 February - 3 March 2012

Aboriginal & Pacific Art presents a showcase of traditional fish floats, ceremonial bowls and figures from Santa Catalina and Santa Ana, Solomon Islands

2011 Organic Forms and Prints

16 December 2011 - 4 February 2012

Featuring weavings from Ngarrindjeri artist, Yvonne Koolmatrie, SA; Dilpin artists, NT; Maningrida, NT, and prints from Yarrenyty Arltere Artists, Larapinta Valley Town Camp, Alice Springs, NT