Pinapinanta arnajurnu pulkka pulkka-ka - Thinking back to the Old People

Joseph Jungarrayi Williams
11 June - 6 July 2024

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A solo show of Joseph Jungarrayi Williams presented by Aboriginal & Pacific Art gallery in association with Tennant Creek Brio.


“These stories and places were shown to me by my Old People and I believe my art lets me share these stories. It’s the storytelling that was passed down to me by my Elders and it’s important that we keep these stories in our mind so we don’t ever forget our Old People and forget what they told us and all the stories that were passed down for generations. Because I am not the only one who has these stories, the stories are for all who are connected and for our future generations to hold on to. We don’t have to speak our mind with out mouth, we can speak it through our mind with a paintbrush.” – Joseph Jungarrayi Williams