2019 Churchill Cann & Patrick Mung Mung | Ngarrgooroon Cowboys

Warmun Art Centre
11 September - 5 October 2019

Churchill Cann (1944- 2016) was born and grew up on Texas Downs Station, northeast of Warmun, where he worked as a stockman for most of his life. His bush name is Yiliyarri. Churchill has travelled extensively throughout the Kimberley, working on many different cattle stations between Warmun and Broome. When station work finished, Churchill moved to Warmun Community to live, where he was well known as an important ceremonial dancer, bushman and senior artist.

Patrick Mung Mung (b.1948) was born at Spring Creek and worked as a stockman for many years on Texas Downs Station and nearby stations in the East Kimberley. He is a senior artist at Warmun Art Centre and an elder at Warmun Community. His knowledge of his country and his cultural memory of family, land and work are powerfully linked in his work.

2019 Tjukurpa Kunpu Palya: Strong Stories

Tjungu Palya
8 August - 7 September 2019

Held in association with Tjungu Palya, Nyapari, South Australia, Tjukurpa Kunpu Palya: Strong Stories, presents new paintings by senior artists. Featuring works by Maringka Baker, Ginger Wikilyiri, Keith Stevens, Bernard Tjalkuri, Angkaliya Curtis, Helen Curtis and Teresa Baker.

These artists have a deep connection to country, which is expressed with integrity, beauty and a bold creativity in the canvas paintings as traditional stories of the ancestors’ journeys are retold. Each painting depicts a fragment of a larger story, a living history where an ancestor was involved in creating country. 

2019 Tjala Arts - Nganampa Waltja Tjukurpa: Our Family Tjukurpa

Tjala Arts
3 - 27 July 2019

Nganampa Waltja Tjurkpa – Our Family Tjukurpa is an exhibition by senior Tjala Arts in conjunction with Aboriginal & Pacific Art. Artists featured include Sylvia Ken – the recent Wynne Prize winner, alongside senior artists Wawiriya Burton, Mick Wikilyiri, Nyunmiti Burton, family collaboratives by Mona Mitakiki, Naomi Kantjuriny and Tjimpayi Presley and works by emerging artists Stanley Douglas and Freda Brady.

 “I think about my story from looking at the sky. I listen to the old people’s stories and I think about these stories and then ideas come from my paintings. I listened to my mother and father, my grandmother and grandfather. I listen when they are talking about Tjukurpa and telling creation stories and when they say to me, ‘no you should paint this way, the Seven Sisters.’ I listen and they show me, like this way and that way.” - Sylvia Ken.

A Survey of Aboriginal Artworks from 2003 to 2015 | Part 1

Ernabella Arts, Irrunytju Arts, Kayili, Patjarr Artists, Warakurna Artists
7 - 29 June 2019

An exhibition of paintings from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, WA and Ernabella Arts, SA. from the period of 2003 to 2015. 

2019 Papunya Tjupi: Kungka mankurrpakunu warrka: The work of three women

Papunya Tjupi Arts
9 May - 1 June 2019

Papunya Tjupi Arts is a 100% Aboriginal owned and directed community arts organisation based in Papunya, the birthplace of the Western Desert art movement. The artists of Papunya Tjupi have established their own unique identity based on the legacy of their forefathers.

Charlotte Phillipus Napurulla, Doris Bush Nungarrayi and Mona Nangala are three of Papunya Tjupi’s most prolific artists and are important Elders for the community. Charlotte, Doris and Mona are expressive storytellers with deep connections to country. They have become renowned for their strong line-work and for continuously developing new ways to tell the old stories. 

Kungka mankurrpakunu warrka connects the work of these three artists through a shared dedication in depicting their respective Countries in deeply personal ways. Charlotte and Mona both transform representations of sand hills in entirely different ways, while Doris draws on vivid memories of her past. 


2019 Wanambi: bark paintings and hollow logs by five Yolŋu artists

6 April - 4 May 2019

The epic song cycles around the ancient ancestral Wanambi tree and the creation and flow of the Gurka’wuy River have dense and rich text held in the epic song poetry, and each of these stages has a design specific to the estate which the story is passing through.

In this exhibition five Waṉambi artists explore the full cycle from tiny stream to crashing ocean, in their bark paintings and larrakitj (hollow logs). Presented in association with Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre, Yirrkala, Northern Territory.


2019 Sonia Kurarra and Daisy Japulija

Mangkaja Arts
2 - 30 March 2019

In their joint exhibition 'Ruwa Martuwarra-Karti Jaa Pirra-Karti - Going Hunting to the River and Billabongs' two remarkable sisters, Sonia Kurarra and Daisy Japulija, effortlessly combine their memories of a life by the river with new art mediums to create exciting contemporary artwork. Held in association with Mangkaja Arts, Fitzroy Crossing, WA.

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2019 Summer Show

Kaltjiti Arts, Tjungu Palya, Tjala Arts
7 - 27 February 2019

A selection of paintings by senior artists of the APY Lands, including Maringka Baker, Taylor Cooper, Witjiti George, Nyunmiti Burton and Helen Curtis.