2019 Wanambi: bark paintings and hollow logs by five Yolŋu artists

6 April - 4 May 2019

The epic song cycles around the ancient ancestral Wanambi tree and the creation and flow of the Gurka’wuy River have dense and rich text held in the epic song poetry, and each of these stages has a design specific to the estate which the story is passing through.

In this exhibition five Waṉambi artists explore the full cycle from tiny stream to crashing ocean, in their bark paintings and larrakitj (hollow logs). Presented in association with Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre, Yirrkala, Northern Territory.


2019 Sonia Kurarra and Daisy Japulija

Mangkaja Arts
2 - 30 March 2019

In their joint exhibition 'Ruwa Martuwarra-Karti Jaa Pirra-Karti - Going Hunting to the River and Billabongs' two remarkable sisters, Sonia Kurarra and Daisy Japulija, effortlessly combine their memories of a life by the river with new art mediums to create exciting contemporary artwork. Held in association with Mangkaja Arts, Fitzroy Crossing, WA.

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2019 Summer Show

Kaltjiti Arts, Tjungu Palya, Tjala Arts
7 - 27 February 2019

A selection of paintings by senior artists of the APY Lands, including Maringka Baker, Taylor Cooper, Witjiti George, Nyunmiti Burton and Helen Curtis.