2017 Christmas Show

Ngaruwanajirri Inc., Tjala Arts, Warakurna Artists, Tjarlirli Art, Tangentyere Artists, Spinifex Arts Project, Timothy Cook, Tiwi Islands, Yvonne Koolmatrie
13 - 21 December 2017

Celebrating our end of year exhibition with a selection of highlights from the stockroom.

Last day of the year: Thursday 21 December!

2017 Ömie Barkcloth Art of Papua New Guinea

Ömie Artists
21 November - 9 December 2017

New works by senior artists and chiefs of Ömie Artists, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. This exhibition captures a special moment in time, with much of the art produced by pre-contact artists.

Barkcloth is the traditional textile of the Ömie tribe. Women wear nioge (skirts) while men wear givai (loincloths). Barkcloth serves important purposes in marriage, funerary and initiation ceremonies as well as being an integral part of everyday life. Ömie barkcloths are still worn today by men, women and children during traditional ceremonies which can involve feasting and spectacular performances of singing, dancing and kundu-drumming.

Nioge have been produced by Ömie women for gallery exhibitions since the cooperative was founded in 2004. Ömie Artists is fully owned and governed by Ömie people. Five Art Centres service artists across twelve villages and each of the centres play a vital role by ensuring that the ancient traditions of barkcloth painting as well as traditional culture remain strong and by providing economic returns to their artists.

2017 Nganampa Manta Lipiwanu : Our Expansive Land

Mimili Maku
26 October - 18 November 2017

Held in association with Mimili Maku Arts, Mimili Community, South Australia

2017 Lawrence Pennington

Spinifex Arts Project
30 September - 21 October 2017

Aboriginal & Pacific Art is honoured to present the solo exhibition of Lawrence Pennington, senior Spinifex artist and law man from Tjuntjuntjara in Western Australia. Lawrence paints the Tjukurpa of his people, the Spinifex people. His paintings, with colours heightened by their contrast to the dark background, are confident in line and form, giving a sweeping sense of the country they depict. Lawrence paints with great expression and vision, jewel-like paintings that capture, in diverse combinations of features, the important stories and places of his homeland.

2017 Dreaming of Ngurra

Warakurna Artists
2 - 23 September 2017

Aboriginal & Pacific Art in association with Warakurna Artists, Western Australia presents an exhibition of new paintings exploring stories of Ngurra (home). 

Warakurna Artists is an energetic, creative and happy place, where men and women, young and old, paint and share Tjukurrpa (traditional law and culture) and contemporary stories. Passing on these strong stories to young people is a critical means of keeping culture vital and strong. The Art Centre plays an important role in the community, providing cultural and social benefits in addition to economic returns. 

2017 Nganampa Tjukurpa Kunpu (Our Strong Stories)

Tjala Arts, Tjanpi Desert Weavers
5 - 26 August 2017

Aboriginal & Pacific Art, in association with Tjala Arts, Amata, South Australia, presents new paintings from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands that explores the strong stories of Kunkarangkanypa or Seven Sisters Tjukurpa. Also in conjuction with Tjanpi Desert Weavers, showcasing Swallow Nest baskets by Ilawanti Ungkutjuru Ken.


2017 Tjukurla Tjukurrpa: Artists from the Ngaanyatjarra lands

Tjarlirli Art
17 June - 15 July 2017

Celebrating the opening exhibition and launch of Aboriginal & Pacific Art's new location in Wellington Street, Waterloo, held in association with Tjarlirli Art, Tjukurla, Ngaanyatjarra Lands, WA.

This inaugural exhibition of vibrant paintings from the artists of Tjarlirli Art has brought the new Aboriginal & Pacific Art gallery space to life. Tjukurla Tjukurrpa features work by senior Ngaanyatjarra artists Nyarapayi Giles, Katjarra Butler and Esther Giles, and younger artists Bob Gibson and Eileen Giles.

Tjarlirli Art is based in Tjukurla, a small community in the Ngaayatjarra Lands, north of Kaltukatjara (Docker River), WA. The art centre was established in 2006 as a formal Aboriginal corporation to represent artists in the area, based on a longer history of creative arts and crafts in the community, focused around the women’s centre.

Thank you to the artists for creating such beautiful works for this exhibition, and to Hayley Birchley, the art centre coordinator, for her assistance in marking this special moment in the history of our gallery.