2019 Tjala Arts - Nganampa Waltja Tjukurpa: Our Family Tjukurpa

3 - 27 July 2019

Nganampa Waltja Tjurkpa – Our Family Tjukurpa is an exhibition by senior Tjala Arts in conjunction with Aboriginal & Pacific Art. Artists featured include Sylvia Ken – the recent Wynne Prize winner, alongside senior artists Wawiriya Burton, Mick Wikilyiri, Nyunmiti Burton, family collaboratives by Mona Mitakiki, Naomi Kantjuriny and Tjimpayi Presley and works by emerging artists Stanley Douglas and Freda Brady.

 “I think about my story from looking at the sky. I listen to the old people’s stories and I think about these stories and then ideas come from my paintings. I listened to my mother and father, my grandmother and grandfather. I listen when they are talking about Tjukurpa and telling creation stories and when they say to me, ‘no you should paint this way, the Seven Sisters.’ I listen and they show me, like this way and that way.” - Sylvia Ken.