Tjala Arts is an Aboriginal owned and managed corporation. It was started by the women of Amata in 1997 and was originally called Minymaku Arts, meaning "belonging to women". It was renamed in 2006 to reflect the involvement of Anangu men in the art centre.

"Tjala" is the Pitjantjatjara word for Honey Ant - a favourite traditional bush food. Tjala is the Tjukurpa or Creation Story for Amata where Tjala Arts is located, in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara/Yankunyjatjara Lands (APY), in the far Northwest of South Australia. Text copyright Tjala Arts

In 2014, Tjala artist Hector Burton was the recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts Red Ochre Award. Established in 1993, the Red Ochre Award pays tribute to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artist who throughout their lifetime has made outstanding contributions to the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, both nationally and internationally.

Artists represented include Tiger Palpatja, Tjampawa Katie Kawiny, Wawirya Burton, Hector Burton, Ray Ken, Tjungkara Ken, Sylvia Ken, Nyumiti Burton, Barabara Moore, Yaritji Young, Mona Mitakiki Shephard, Naomi Kantjuriny & Tjimpayi Presley.