2019 Churchill Cann & Patrick Mung Mung | Ngarrgooroon Cowboys

11 September - 5 October 2019

Churchill Cann (1944- 2016) was born and grew up on Texas Downs Station, northeast of Warmun, where he worked as a stockman for most of his life. His bush name is Yiliyarri. Churchill has travelled extensively throughout the Kimberley, working on many different cattle stations between Warmun and Broome. When station work finished, Churchill moved to Warmun Community to live, where he was well known as an important ceremonial dancer, bushman and senior artist.

Patrick Mung Mung (b.1948) was born at Spring Creek and worked as a stockman for many years on Texas Downs Station and nearby stations in the East Kimberley. He is a senior artist at Warmun Art Centre and an elder at Warmun Community. His knowledge of his country and his cultural memory of family, land and work are powerfully linked in his work.