2019 Alfonso Puautjimi: Tiwi Artist

14 November - 7 December 2019

Alfonso Puautjimi (1969- ) is an established artist who has worked at Ngaruwanajirri Inc. for over 20 years, having started painting with the group in 1997. He is one of the many artists there with a distinctive and individual style of expression, and whose painting has moved from strength to strength over the past decade. The subject matter of his stylistically individual ochre paintings is drawn from his every day environment: including figures in the painting studio, houses, planes, cars and bicycles. 

Ngaruwanajirri  Inc. translates as 'helping one another' and is located at Wurrumiyanga (formerly known as Nguiu), situated on Bathurst Island in the Tiwi Islands, NT. The art workshop began in 1994 and since then has been operating in its present location at the Keeping House historical building. With the support of commonwealth and state governments, Ngaruwanajirri Inc. is in part a Life Skills a program for Tiwi people with disabilities.

Artists at Ngaruwanajirri Inc. work with a variety of media, particularly traditional ochres, and work from a range of inspiration and styles, from classical Tiwi designs to subjects surrounding everyday life on and around the island.