2018 Tjungungku Tjukurpa Kunpu Rawangku Kanyinytjaku: Together We Are Protecting Our Stories

10 May - 2 June 2018

Held in association with Tjungu Palya, Nyapari, South Australia.

Tjungu Palya is an Aboriginal owned and governed art enterprise. It has grown to be a dynamic and innovative community art centre. Tjungu Palya translates as 'Good Together' and refers to collaboration between the homelands. The art centre plays a vital economic role in the future sustainability of these small communities. 

Tjungu Palya is based in Nyapari, about 100kms south of Uluru. Nyapari is set at the base of the majestic Mann Ranges in the heart of the country traditionally owned by the Pitjantjatjara people.