2014 Timothy Cook - Kulama

5 July - 2 August 2014

This exhibition celebrates Tiwi artist Timothy Cook’s ongoing art practice in his ninth major solo show with Aboriginal & Pacific Art.

Cook’s paintings  sit  firmly  within  Tiwi  tradition,  echoing  the vigorous styles of other great  artists  who have worked  at  Milikapiti on Melville  Island,  yet the clarity of his style shows an individual perspective. His evocative paintings address Kulama, the Tiwi initiation ceremony for young men, that is performed in the late wet season. In the two years since winning the prestigious Telstra Art Award, his paintings have become larger and bolder expressions of this theme.

Timothy Cook’s exhibition also marks two decades of close collaborations between Aboriginal & Pacific Art gallery and Jilamara Arts & Crafts, and an ongoing dedication to the showcase and support of major Tiwi artists in Australia.