2013 Martuwarra - River Country - Recent works by Sonia Kurarra

7 February - 2 March 2013

Aboriginal & Pacific Art, in conjunction with Mangkaja Arts, WA, is pleased to present this solo exhibition of recent paintings by artist Sonia Kurarra

"Martuwarra is my river country; this painting is all about the Fitzroy River which flows down through Nookanbah where I live. All kinds of fish live in the water, we catch big mob of fish here. I like Parlka (barrumundi). We catch catfish and brim here too. Nganku(shark), Wirritunany (sawfish) and Stingray also live here. These fish live in these waters long after the flood has gone.

Also this painting is about barrumundi swimming on the surface of the water, you can also see the Wakiri (pandanustree) and rocks all around. When the barrumundi get tired they go back into the rock holes. These rock holes hold all the Parlka (barrumundi) that live in the river. Kalputu (water snakes) also live in these rock holes and swim all around the Palma (creeks) and all around the Wakiri that grows in the river.” – Sonia Kurarra

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