2018 Special Collection Prints

10 February - 3 March 2018

Harry Tjutjuna's new suite of etchings has come about from collaboration with master printer, Basil Hall. In 2014 Hall ran a workshop at Kalka, SA, where senior painter Harry Tjutjuna painted up acetate sheets with his signature circle designs. From those plates, a series of prints has been created this year with combinations of his designs using various colours and techniques.

The 'Fire and Water Suite' 2003 is an important set of 12 etchings created in 2003 at Warlukurlangu art centre at Yuendumu, NT with printers from Northern Editions. The etchings were created on zinc plates by some of Yuendumu's most significant artists and returned for processing by master printers in Darwin. 50 Suite editions were officially launched late October 2003.

The etchings have been inspired by stories of the Rain Creation Being and the Warlpiri Fire Ceremony, with ancestral symbols of lightning, rain, bushfires, waterholes and desert soaks.

Also featured are important early etchings from late Freda Warlapinni and the late Kitty Kantilla, Jilamara, NT.