2011 Yappallika - Nina Puruntatameri and Susan Wanji Wanji

2 - 21 April 2011

In association with Munupi Arts, NT

“Yappallika represents our hands, of where the rocks of our colours (come from) and also where the freshwater stream runs towards the saltwater. It is the landscape of our hunting site toward the mangrove where we go hunting for mangrove tucker. We are guided and protected by my Dad’s spirit. Susan and I were taught to do Tiwi art and culture from my father, Romuald Puruntatameri. My Dad is Susan’s Uncle. He was always there for us, and we are now here today with an exhibition on his behalf, and the behalf of the land, Yappallika. This place is also a famous story on the Tiwi Islands of when Susan got lost at Yappallika and was rescued by my Father’s spirit. She was lost and had to climb a tree to escape a crocodile who was hunting here. My Father’s spirit guided her to safety. That is why this place means everything to us.”              -    Nina Puruntatameri