2024 | New Barkcloths of the Ömie Women

15 February - 16 March 2024

New Barkcloths of the Ömie Women

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Aboriginal & Pacific Art, in association with Ömie Artists, presents an exhibition of exquisite new paintings on nioge (barkcloth) by three remarkable Ömie women artists from the remote mountain rainforests of Papua New Guinea.


The show features an exceptional body of work by Diona Jonevari (Suwarari), that augments her place as a highly accomplished painter. With ambitious vision, Diona weaves her intricate designs into commanding and graceful compositions.


Diona often paints alongside her sister-in-law, Dyna Jonevari (Ïka), whose work is of astonishing resolve and abounds with the captivating abstract symbolism for which the Ömie artists have come to be celebrated for. Dyna’s wealth of knowledge—transmitted from the strong, authentic lineage of her birth mother, Dapeni Jonevari (Mokokari)—can be seen through the raw power of her mark-making.


Artist Rosemon Hinana creates her art using the ancient appliqué technique known as sihoti'e taliobamë'e, where the barkcloth is first dyed with mud and then sewn into bold and striking compositions using locally harvested grass thread and a bat wing bone needle. Rosemon’s precious mud-dyed barkcloths poetically echo those created by the first female ancestor, Suja, as told in the sacred Ömie creation story.


These vibrant and dynamic contemporary works on nioge (barkcloth) resonate with the artists’ deep knowledge of the natural world and their profound wisdom of place. Together, whether through elaborate artistry or minimal restraint, these artists share with us the very essence and beauty of their culture.