Ernabella Arts
Harry Tjunjuna, Minyma Mingkiri (Marsupial mouse women), #197-07
Acrylic on Belgian linen
182 x 152 cm

Harry Tjutjana started painting in 2005. He is a senior law man and ngangkari, a traditional healer.

Harry concentrates on a few important subjects in his paintings: Wati Wanka (Spider Man), Ngintaka (the perentie lizard-man creation story); Wati Nyiru, the man who chases the seven sisters around and eventually marries one; kangaroo men and (marsupial) mouse women - two of the significant totemic Creation beings of his country.

In this painting Harry Tjunjuna depicts the marsupial mouse women (minyma mingkiri) and kangaroo women (minyma malu) of a Tjukurpa (Creation story) from his birthplace.